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Andy Arnold: living a life with #nolimits

Through his artwork, speaking engagements, and his everyday life - Andy exemplifies living a life with #nolimits -  overcoming mindsets that would limit his ability to be all that God created him to be.   


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We take beautiful wooden chairs and re-purpose them into works of art that inspire, encourage and celebrate something or someone perfectly.   Each chair is uniquely designed and completed according to your request.  Take a look at our gallery and tell us how we can make your own chair uniquely yours!


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Meet Andy!!!! 

Andy was born with Down Syndrome and other health issues that kept him in and out of hospitals for many years.  However, his parents strongly believe that Jesus still heals today, so they chose to raise Andy without limits, believing that his life has purpose and trusting that he would fulfill everything God had for his life.


When anyone asked Andy what he was going to do after High School, he would immediately respond "Own my own business!"   He underlined that desire by always wearing a dress shirt and tie, even to school, because he KNEW one day he would have his own business.


Andy has been surrounded with creativity his whole life - his father does home construction and wood-working and his mother is an artist   On a quiet day soon after high school graduation, his mom handed him a paintbrush and a pint-sized rocking chair -  and the seed was planted.   

With training and guidance from his parents and the encouragement of many friends and community members, Andy is learning refinishing skills as well as  developing a passion for each chair,  naming them as he is inspired, and praying that the message behind each chair encourages and inspires each owner.  

Andy's #nolimits message is communicated through his artwork and recent speaking engagements where Andy and his mom (Carolyn) have been asked to share Andy's story and his passion to help others - any who feel limited by physical, mental, social or financial barriers - go beyond their limitations.  

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